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The S8550 is Si Apd Array, PNP Transistor. It also consolidates and displays results from multiple manufacturers with the same part number and similar functionality.


Searched parts can be used interchangeably as substitutes for one another, But it's important to note that the parameters for each manufacturer may vary slightly.

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9 S8550

S8550 TRANSISTOR (PNP) TO-92 FEATURES Power dissipation PCM : 0.625 W (Tamb=25℃) Collector current A ICM : - 0.5 Collector-base voltage V(BR)CBO : - 40 V 1 2 3 1. EMITTER 2. BASE 3. COLLECTOR ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS(Tamb=25℃ Symbol voltage voltage V(BR)CBO V(BR)CEO V(BR)EBO ICBO ICEO IEBO HFE(1) unless otherwise specified) Test conditions IE=0 IB=0 IC=

Wing Shing Computer Components
Wing Shing Computer Components
8 S8550
PNP General Purpose Transistors

S8550 PNP General Purpose Transistors P b Lead(Pb)-Free TO-92 1. E MIT T E R 2. B A SE 3. COL L E CTOR 1 2 3 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta=25 C) Rating Collector-E m itter Voltage Collector-B as e Voltage E m itter-B as e VOltage Collector Current Total Device Dis s ipation TA=2 5 C J unction Tem perature S torage, Tem perature Symbol V CE O V CB O VE

Weitron Technology
Weitron Technology
7 S8550

UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD S8550 PNP SILICON TRANSISTOR LOW VOLTAGE HIGH CURRENT SMALL SIGNAL PNP TRANSISTOR  DESCRIPTION The UTC S8550 is a low voltage high current small signal PNP transistor, designed for Class B push-pull audio amplifier and general purpose applications.  FEATURES * Collector current up to 700mA * Collector-Emitter voltage up to 20 V * Complem

Unisonic Technologies
Unisonic Technologies
6 S8550
Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor

BL Galaxy Electrical Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor FEATURES z z z High Collector Current.(IC= -500mA) Complementary To S8050. Excellent HFE Linearity. Production specification S8550 Pb Lead-free APPLICATIONS z High Collector Current. SOT-23 ORDERING INFORMATION Type No. S8550 Marking 2TY Package Code SOT-23 MAXIMUM RATING @ Ta=25℃ unless ot

5 S8550
Si APD array

APD Si APD array S8550 4 × 8 element APD array with low noise and enhanced short-wavelength sensitivity S8550 is an APD (avalanche photodiode) array designed for short wavelength detection, featuring low noise and low terminal capacitance. S8550 also offers uniform gain and small cross-talk between each element. Features Applications l High sensitivit

Hamamatsu Corporation
Hamamatsu Corporation
4 S8550
PNP Transistor

Shenzhen Tuofeng Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd TO-92 Plastic-Encapsulate Transistors S8550 TRANSISTOR (PNP) FEATURE Power dissipation PCM: 0.625 W (Tamb=25℃) Collector current ICM: -0.5 Collector-base voltage A V(BR)CBO: -40 V Operating and storage junction temperature range TJ, Tstg: -55℃ to +150℃ TO-92 1. EMITTER 2. BASE 3. COLLECTOR 123 ELECTRICAL CHARA

Tuofeng Semiconductor
Tuofeng Semiconductor

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Part Number Function Manufacturers PDF

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