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The CD5888CB is 5-channel Motor Driver Circuit. It also consolidates and displays results from multiple manufacturers with the same part number and similar functionality.


Searched parts can be used interchangeably as substitutes for one another, But it's important to note that the parameters for each manufacturer may vary slightly.

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No Part number Description ( Function ) Manufacturers PDF
1 CD5888CB
5-channel motor driver circuit

Ë«¼ µç· CD5888CB ÎåͨµÀÂí´ïÇý¶¯ ç · 1. ãµØÌëÓöÊŸ CD5888CBé ¿ » Ò Ç Ê ¯¶ýÇʦ¹Äµ¹ ú»¯¶«´ ½Ê ·ÃÓ 5 Àµ¨Í ËÁÃÖÚÄ·Âçµ BTL ·ÂçµÉ³¯¼ ¶ýÇ ÷ Æ Ú ½ ÷ µ3 ¹ÑçµÜë¾Äµ¢ÁÀ¶ö¸ ÚÓÃÓ CD CD-ROM ¼° Ó´§Î¶·÷µÉ¿ DVD ͺï´íÂ÷×ÐÖ÷ÆÅ·¥² 1


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Part No Description ( Function) Manufacturers PDF
CD5888A   CD5888A

ഀ‫ݾ‬Ԩা ๔ඹԁ৴Ӓ௚ՎԨা CD5888A 1ǃὖ䗄 CD5888A ᰃϔഫѨ䗮䘧 BTL 偅ࡼ䲚៤⬉䏃ˈ⫼Ѣ CDǃCD-ROM ঞ DVD ᪁ᬒ఼Ё ԰偀䖒੠Ӵࡼᴎᵘⱘࡳ⥛偅ࡼDŽ⬉䏃‫ݙ‬㕂њ 2 Ͼ⣀ゟⱘ㊒ᆚ⬉य़䇗㡖఼ˈৃ䇗㣗ೈҢ 1.25V ࠄ 4V˗‫ݙ‬

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2SC5888   (2SC5888 / 2SC2099) High-Current Switching Applications

Ordering number : ENN7331 2SA2099 / 2SC5888 PNP / NPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistors 2SA2099 / 2SC5888 High-Current Switching Applications Applications • Package Dimensions unit : mm 2041A [2SA2099 / 2SC5888] 10.0 3.2 4.5 2.8 Relay drivers, lamp drivers, motor drivers

Sanyo Semicon Device
Sanyo Semicon Device
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A5888   Silicon PNP Transistor

A5888 Silicon PNP transistor epitaxial type A5888 [ Applications ] Charging circuits, DC-DC converters, MOSFET gate drivers Motor control, Power switches [ Feature ] Very low collector saturation voltage VCE(sat)= -60mV (Max.) at IC= -1A, IB= -0.1A [ Absolute maximum ratings (Ta=

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AM5888S   5-Channel BTL Driver

datasheet39.com AM5888S Motor Driver ICs 5-channel BTL Driver for DVD player AM5888S The AM5888S is a five-channel BTL driver IC for driving the motors and actuators such as used in DVD player and consists of two independent precision voltage regulators with adjustable rang

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BA5888   5-Channel BTL Driver

5-CH BTL DRIVER FOR DVD PLAYER WITH DISC BIDIRECTIONAL DRIVER AND TWO VARIABLE REGULATORS DESCRIPTION The SA5888 is a five-channel BTL driver IC for driving the motors and actuators in products such as CD - ROM / DVD drivers. It is also build-in two independent precision voltage

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List of most widely used semiconductors

Part Number Function Manufacturers PDF

The 1N4007 is a rectification diode that is designed for high-voltage applications, typically up to 1000V. It has a maximum current rating of 1A and a forward voltage drop of around 0.7V.

Vishay Semiconductor

This is a popular adjustable voltage regulator.
( 1.2V to 37V)

On Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor

 6N137  |   LM393   |   2N3906    |   2N2222   |   TIP120   |

   1N5818   |   LM324N    |   A1015   |   SMAJ20CA  

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