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2N3904 PDF Datasheet

The 2N3904 is NPN switching transistor.

The 2N3904 is a widely used bipolar junction transistor (BJT) that is commonly used in electronic circuits. It is an NPN transistor with a maximum current rating of 200 mA and a maximum voltage rating of 40V. The 2N3904 is known for its low noise and high gain, making it suitable for amplification applications.


1. Low noise
2. High gain
3. Widely available
4. Relatively inexpensive
5. Suitable for amplification applications


1. Limited maximum current and voltage ratings
2. May not be suitable for high-power applications
3. May require additional circuitry for stability and biasing

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NO Part No Descripción Manufacturers

SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNICAL DATA GENERAL PURPOSE APPLICATION. SWITCHING APPLICATION. 2N3904 EPITAXIAL PLANAR NPN TRANSISTOR FEATURES Low Leakage Current : ICEX=50nA(Max.), IBL=50nA(Max.) @VCE=30V, VEB=3V. Excellent DC Current Gain Linearity. Low Saturation Voltage : VCE(sat)=0.3V(Max.) @IC=50mA, IB=5m
Motorola Semiconductors
Motorola Semiconductors
32N3904Silicon NPN Power Transistors

INCHANGE Semiconductor isc Silicon NPN Power Transistor isc Product Specification 2N3904 DESCRIPTION ·Low Saturation Voltage- : VCE(sat)= 200mV(Max)@ IC =10mA ·Complement to Type 2N3906. APPLICATIONS ·Designed for high-speed switching and Amplifier applications. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS(Ta=25�
Inchange Semiconductor
Inchange Semiconductor
42N3904NPN switching transistor
NXP Semiconductors
NXP Semiconductors

2N3904 NPN SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR Features Epitaxial Planar Die Construction Available in both Through-Hole and Surface Mount Packages Ideal for Switching and Amplifier Applications Complementary PNP Type Available (2N3906) Mechanical Data Case: TO-92, Plastic Leads: Solderable per MIL-STD-202, Me
Seme LAB
Seme LAB

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2N3904 datasheet

1. 0.2A, NPN Transistor - Fairchild

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2N3904 transistor

2. 40V, 200mA, NPN Switching Transistor

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2N3904 - SPC Multicomp


Datasheet: 2N3904.pdf

Stock: 318911

5000 units: 0.049 SGD each
1000 units: 0.054 SGD each
500 units: 0.061 SGD each
100 units: 0.073 SGD each

element14 Asia-Pacific Logo

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2N3904 - Lumimax Optoelectronic Technology


Stock: 3950

2000 units: 0.02 USD each
1000 units: 0.025 USD each
500 units: 0.037 USD each
100 units: 0.048 USD each

DigiKey Logo

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2N3904TA - onsemi

Transistor GP BJT NPN 40V 0.2A 3-Pin TO-92 Ammo (Alt: 2N3904TA)

Datasheet: 2N3904TA.pdf

Stock: 0

1100000 units: 0.02918 USD each
550000 units: 0.02988 USD each
220000 units: 0.03062 USD each
110000 units: 0.03139 USD each

Avnet Asia Logo

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2N3904 - Diotec Semiconductor AG

Bipolar Transistors - BJT BJT, TO-92, 40V, 200mA, NPN

Stock: 23624

1 units: 0.1 USD each
10 units: 0.076 USD each
100 units: 0.063 USD each
500 units: 0.051 USD each

Mouser Electronics Logo

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2N3904 - Diotec Semiconductor AG

Trans GP BJT NPN 40V 0.2A 625mW 3-Pin TO-92 Ammo

Stock: 3000

48000 units: 0.0111 USD each
8000 units: 0.0154 USD each
4000 units: 0.0205 USD each
1000 units: 0.0207 USD each

Arrow Electronics Logo

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2N3904UB - Microchip Technology Inc

Small-Signal BJT _ UB, Projected EOL: 2049-02-05

Stock: 0

1 units: 55.67 USD each

Microchip Technology Inc Logo

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2N3904TAR - onsemi

Transistor, Fairchild, 2N3904TAR, TA

Datasheet: 2N3904TAR.pdf

Stock: 22000

2000 units: 0.076 SGD each

RS Logo

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Stock: 15

Bisco Industries Logo

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2N3904 - Taitron Components Inc

Trans GP BJT NPN 40V 0.2A 625mW 3-Pin TO-92

Stock: 1

0 units: 0 USD each

Onlinecomponents.com Logo

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2N3904 - NTE Electronics Inc

Trans GP BJT NPN 40V 0.2A 625mW 3-Pin TO-92

Stock: 10250

25000 units: 0.1264 USD each
7500 units: 0.1342 USD each
5000 units: 0.1361 USD each
2500 units: 0.1426 USD each

Verical Logo

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2N3904H - SANYO Semiconductor Co Ltd

2N3904 - Small Signal Bipolar Transistor, 0.2A, 40V, NPN, TO-92 '

Stock: 24600

1000 units: 0.0224 USD each
500 units: 0.0237 USD each
100 units: 0.0247 USD each
25 units: 0.0258 USD each

Rochester Electronics Logo

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2N3904 - Rectron Semiconductor

Bipolar Junction Transistor, NPN Type, TO-92

Stock: 27925

9260 units: 0.0473 USD each
4763 units: 0.054 USD each
1 units: 0.135 USD each

Quest Components Logo

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2N3904 - Luguang Electronic Technology Co Ltd

Transistor: NPN; bipolar; 40V; 0.2A; 0.625W; TO92

Stock: 0

15000 units: 0.0137 USD each
5000 units: 0.0144 USD each
1000 units: 0.016 USD each
500 units: 0.0181 USD each

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2N3904 - Major Brands

Transistor 2N3904 NPN General Purpose (bulk)

Stock: 19455

10 units: 0.24 USD each
100 units: 0.15 USD each
500 units: 0.1 USD each

Jameco Electronics Logo

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2N3904BU - onsemi

NPN 625 mW 40 V 200 mA Through Hole General Purpose Amplifier - TO-92-3

Datasheet: 2N3904BU.pdf

Stock: 10000

Ameya Holding Limited Logo

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