What is EVQPUB02K?

This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "Panasonic", performs the same function as "Surface Mount Light Touch Switches".

EVQPUB02K Datasheet PDF - Panasonic

Part Number EVQPUB02K
Description Surface Mount Light Touch Switches
Manufacturers Panasonic 
Logo Panasonic Logo 

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Super Small-sized Side-push Type
Surface Mount Light Touch Switches
A super small-sized, low-profile and side-push-type
surface mount light touch switch with outer
dimensions of 4.7 mm 5 3.5 mm, 1.6 mm in height
n Features
l Long life and excellent operation feeling by use of a
super small-sized round-shaped movable contactor
l High contact reliability through sealed structure
l High mountability by J-bent terminals
n Recommended Applications
l Signal input switch for Mobile Communication
Equipment, Audio Visual Equipment, Office
Automation Equipment
n Industrial Property: 2 Patents (pending)
n Explanation of Part Numbers
Light Touch Switches EVQPU
0 2K
n Major Specifications
Snap action/Push-on type SPST
Contact Resistance
Insulation Resistance
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage
Operating Force
Mechanical Returning Force
Push Strength
Operating Life
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Minimum Quantity/Packing Unit
50 mA 12 Vdc
500 m9 max.
100 M9 min. (at 100 Vdc)
250 Vac for 1 minute
0.1 N min.
10 ms max.
2.2 N +Ð00..87N
0.2 N min.
30 Nc for 1 minute
Ð0.2 mm
100000 cycles min.
Ð25 ¡C to +70 ¡C
Bulk: Ð40 ¡C to +85 ¡C (Embossed Taping: Ð20 ¡C to +60 ¡C)
4000 pcs. (Reel Pack)
20000 pcs.

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