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This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "Zarlink Semiconductor", performs the same function as "(ZL50115 - ZL50115) CESoP Processors".

ZL50117 Datasheet PDF - Zarlink Semiconductor

Part Number ZL50117
Description (ZL50115 - ZL50115) CESoP Processors
Manufacturers Zarlink Semiconductor 
Logo Zarlink Semiconductor Logo 

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32, 64 and 128 Channel CESoP
Data Sheet
• Circuit Emulation Services over Packet (CESoP)
transport for MPLS, IP and Ethernet networks
• On chip timing & synchronization recovery across
a packet network
• On chip dual reference Stratum 3 DPLL
• Grooming capability for Nx64 Kbps trunking
• Fully compatible with Zarlink's ZL50110, ZL50111
and ZL50114 CESoP processors
Circuit Emulation Services
• Complies with ITU-T recommendation Y.1413
• Complies with IETF PWE3 draft standards
• Complies with CESoP Implementation
Agreements from MEF 8 and MFA 8.0.0
• Structured, synchronous CESoP with clock
• Unstructured, asynchronous CESoP with integral
per-stream clock recovery
Customer Side TDM Interfaces
• Up to 4 T1/E1, 1 J2, 1 T3/E3, or 1 STS-1 ports
• H.110, H-MVIP, ST-BUS backplane
April 2005
Ordering Information
ZL50115GAG 324 Ball PBGA
ZL50116GAG 324 Ball PBGA
ZL50117GAG 324 Ball PBGA
ZL50118GAG 324 Ball PBGA
ZL50119GAG 324 Ball PBGA
ZL50120GAG 324 Ball PBGA
trays, bake & dry pack
trays, bake & dry pack
trays, bake & dry pack
trays, bake & dry pack
trays, bake & dry pack
trays, bake & dry pack
-40°C to +85°C
• Up to 128 bi-directional 64 Kbps channels
• Direct connection to LIUs, framers, backplanes
Customer Side Packet Interfaces
• 100 Mbps MII Fast Ethernet (ZL50118/19/20 only)
(may also be used as a second provider side packet
Provider Side Packet Interfaces
• 100 Mbps MII Fast Ethernet or 1000 Mbps
GMII/TBI Gigabit Ethernet
(LIU, Framer, Backplane)
Per Port DCO for
Clock Recovery
IPv4, IPv6, MPLS,
Defined, Others
On Chip Packet Memory
(Jitter Buffer Compensation for 128 ms of Packet Delay Variation)
Dual Reference
Stratum 3 DPLL
Host Processor
32-bit Motorola compatible
DMA for signaling packets
Figure 1 - ZL50115/16/17/18/19/20 High Level Overview
Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
Zarlink, ZL and the Zarlink Semiconductor logo are trademarks of Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
Copyright 2004-2005, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. All Rights Reserved.

ZL50117 equivalent
Data Sheet
2.0 Description
The ZL5011x family (ZL50115, ZL50116, ZL50117, ZL50118, ZL50119, ZL50120) of CESoP processors are highly
functional TDM to Packet bridging devices. The ZL5011x provides both structured and unstructured circuit
emulation services (CESoP) for T1 and E1 streams across a packet network based on MPLS, IP or Ethernet. The
ZL50117/20 also supports unstructured J2, T3, E3 and STS-1.
The circuit emulation features in the ZL5011x family comply with the ITU Recommendation Y.1413, as well as the
Implementation Agreements for CESoP from the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF 8) and the MPLS and Frame Relay
Alliance (MFA 8.0.0). The ZL5011x also complies with the standards currently being developed within the IETF's
PWE3 working group, listed below.
• Structure-Agnostic TDM over Packet (SAToP) - draft-ietf-pwe3-satop
• Structure-aware TDM Circuit Emulation Service over Packet Switched Network (CESoPSN) -
The ZL50118/19/20 provides a customer side 100 Mbps MII port to aggregate data traffic with voice traffic to the
provider side 1000 Mbps GMII/TBI port, thereby eliminating the need for an external Ethernet switch.
The ZL5011x incorporates a range of powerful clock recovery mechanisms for each TDM stream, allowing the
frequency of the source clock to be faithfully generated at the destination, enabling greater system performance
and quality. Timing is carried using RTP or similar protocols, and both adaptive and differential clock recovery
schemes are included, allowing the customer to choose the correct scheme for the application. An externally
supplied clock may also be used to drive the TDM interface of the ZL5011x.
The ZL5011x incur very low latency for the data flow, thereby increasing QoS when carrying voice services across
the Packet Switched Network. Voice, when carried using CESoP, which typically has latencies of less than 10 ms,
does not require expensive processing such as compression and echo cancellation.
The ZL5011x are cost effective devices aimed at the low density applications such as customer premise routers,
IADs, ePON termination and Broadband DLCs. For network systems, the ZL5011x is fully compatible and
interoperable with the ZL50110/11/14 family.
The ZL5011x is capable of assembling user-defined packets of TDM traffic from the TDM interface and transmitting
them out the packet interfaces using a variety of protocols. The ZL5011x supports a range of different packet
switched networks, including Ethernet VLANs, IP (both versions 4 and 6) and MPLS. The devices also supports
four different classes of service on packet egress, allowing priority treatment of TDM-based traffic. This can be used
to help minimize latency variation in the TDM data.
Packets received from the packet interfaces are parsed to determine the egress destination, and are appropriately
queued to the TDM interface, they can also be forwarded to the host interface, or back toward the packet interface.
Packets queued to the TDM interface can be re-ordered based on sequence number, and lost packets filled in to
maintain timing integrity.
The ZL5011x includes on-chip memory sufficient for all applications, thereby reducing system costs, board area,
power, and design complexity.
A comprehensive evaluation system is available upon request from your local Zarlink representative or distributor.
This system includes the CESoP processor, various TDM interfaces and a fully featured evaluation software GUI
that will run on a Windows PC.
Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.


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