What is QL16X24B?

This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "QuickLogic", performs the same function as "Very-High-Speed CMOS FPGA".

QL16X24B Datasheet PDF - QuickLogic

Part Number QL16X24B
Description Very-High-Speed CMOS FPGA
Manufacturers QuickLogic 
Logo QuickLogic Logo 

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No Preview Available ! QL16X24B datasheet, circuit
usable ASIC gates,
122 I/O pins
Block Diagram
384 Logic Cells
pASIC® 1 Family
Very-High-Speed CMOS FPGA
Rev C
Very High Speed – ViaLink® metal-to-metal programmable–via
antifuse technology, allows counter speeds over 150 MHz and logic
cell delays of under 2 ns.
High Usable Density – A 16-by-24 array of 384 logic cells
provides 4,000 usable ASIC gates (7,000 PLD gates) in 84-pin
PLCC, 100-pin and 144-pin TQFP, 144-pin CPGA and 160-pin
CQFP packages.
Low-Power, High-Output Drive – Standby current typically 2 mA.
A 16-bit counter operating at 100 MHz consumes less than 50 mA.
Minimum IOL of 12 mA and IOH of 8 mA
Low-Cost, Easy-to-Use Design Tools – Designs entered and
simulated using QuickLogic's new QuickWorks® development
environment, or with third-party CAE tools including Viewlogic,
Synopsys, Mentor, Cadence and Veribest. Fast, fully automatic place
and route on PC and workstation platforms using QuickLogic
= Up to 114 prog. I/O cells, 6 Input high-drive cells, 2 Input/Clk (high-drive) cells

QL16X24B equivalent
Pinout Diagram
144-pin CPGA


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