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This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "Micrel Semiconductor", performs the same function as "(MIC3838 / MIC3839) Flexible Push-Pull PWM Controller".

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Part Number MIC3838
Description (MIC3838 / MIC3839) Flexible Push-Pull PWM Controller
Manufacturers Micrel Semiconductor 
Logo Micrel Semiconductor Logo 

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Flexible Push-Pull PWM Controller
General Description
The MIC3838 and MIC3839 are a family of complementary
output push-pull PWM control ICs that feature high speed and
low power consumption. The MIC3838/9 are ideal for telecom
level (36V to 75V) isolated step down dc/dc conversion
applications where high output current, small size, and high
efficiency are required
The MIC3838/9 are designed for high flexibility with minimum
pin-count. The devices are easily configurable for either
voltage-mode or current-mode control. Additionally, the
MIC3838/9 can easily implement a volt-second clamp that
automatically limits the duty cycle during input transients,
allowing designers to use the smallest possible transformers
and power components. A 3V reference output is also avail-
able that eliminates the need for an external reference.
The dual-ended push-pull architecture of the MIC3838/9
allows more efficient utilization of the transformer than single-
ended topologies, allowing smaller size dc/dc solutions.
Additionally, the out-of-phase push-pull topology allows a
higher effective duty cycle, reducing input and output ripple
as well as stress on the external components. The dead-time
between the two outputs is adjustable between 60ns to
200ns, limiting the duty cycle of each output stage to less than
The MIC3838 has a turn-on threshold of 12.5V whereas the
MIC3839 has a lower turn-on threshold of 4.3V. Both devices
are available in a small size MSOP-10 package with an
operating range of –40°C to +85°C.
Data sheets and support documentation can be found on
Micrel’s web site at
Typical Application
36V to 75V
• Dual output drive stages in push-pull configuration
• Configurable for current-mode or voltage-mode control
• Easily implements volt-second clamp
• Leading edge current-sense blanking
• 3V reference output available
• 130µA typical start-up current
• 1mA typical run current
• Operation to 1MHz
• On-chip error amplifier with 4MHz gain bandwidth
• Internal soft start
• On-chip VDD clamping
• Output drive stages capable of 500mA peak source
current, 1A peak sink current
• High efficiency “brick” power supply modules
• Half bridge converters
• Full bridge converters
• Push-pull converters
• Voltage-fed push-pull converters
• Telecom equipment and power supplies
• Industrial power supplies
• 42V automotive power supplies
• Base stations
• Networking power supplies
12V 100W
Feed Forward
Volt Sec Clamp
& Isolation
Voltage-Mode Half-Bridge Converter CIrcuit
Micrel, Inc. • 2180 Fortune Drive • San Jose, CA 95131 • USA • tel + 1 (408) 944-0800 • fax + 1 (408) 474-1000 •
April 2005
1 MIC3838/3839

MIC3838 equivalent
Min Typ Max Units
Undervoltage Lockout Section
Start Threshold
MIC3838, Note 11
11.5 12.5 13.5
4.1 4.3 4.5
Minimum Operating Voltage
7.6 8.3
After Start
3.9 4.1 4.3
3.5 4.2 5.1
0.1 0.2 0.3
Soft Start Section
COMP Rise Time
FB = 1.8V, Rise from 0.5V to 3V
2.5 20 ms
Overall Section
Startup Current
Operating Supply Current
VDD Zener Shunt Voltage
VDD < Start Threshold (MIC3839)
FB = 0V, Ramp = ILIM = 0V, Notes 11, 12
IDD = 10mA, Note 13
130 260
1.5 2 mA
13 14 15
Note 1. Exceeding the absolute maximum rating may damage the device.
Note 2. The device is not guaranteed to function outside its operating rating.
Note 3. Devices are ESD sensitive. Handling precautions recommended. Human body model, 1.5k in series with 100pF.
Note 4.
Note 5.
Maximum operating voltage is equal to the VDD (zener) shunt voltage. When operating at or near the shunt voltage, care must be taken to limit
the VDD pin current less than the 20mA VDD maximum current rating.
Specification for packaged product only.
Note 6. Measured at RC.
Note 7. COMP pin is internally clamped to 3.65V(typ.). COMP pin source current is measured at VCOMP = 3.0V to avoid interferring with clamp.
Minimum source current is higher as VCOMP approaches VCLAMP.
Note 8. Gain is defined by A = VCS , 0 VCS 0.4V.
Note 9. Parameter measured at trip point of latch with FB at 0V
Note 10. The internal current sink on the Ramp and ILIM pin are designed to discharge an external filter capacitor. It is not intended to be a DC sink
path. Internal discharge FET should be able to discharge the Volt-Sec clamp and feed-forward circuits in the figure below within 50ns.
Note 11. For MIC3838, set VDD above the start threshold before setting at 10V.
Note 12. Does not include current in the external oscillator network.
Note 13. Start threshold and Zener Shunt threshold track one another.
April 2005
5 MIC3838/3839


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