What is SCH1419?

This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "Sanyo Semicon Device", performs the same function as "MOS SILICON TRANSISTOR".

SCH1419 Datasheet PDF - Sanyo Semicon Device

Part Number SCH1419
Manufacturers Sanyo Semicon Device 
Logo Sanyo Semicon Device Logo 

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On this page, you can learn information such as the schematic, equivalent, pinout, replacement, circuit, and manual for SCH1419 electronic component.

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Part NumberDescriptionMFRS
SCH1410The function is N-Channel Silicon MOSFET. Sanyo Semicon DeviceSanyo Semicon Device
SCH1411The function is N-Channel Silicon MOSFET. Sanyo Semicon DeviceSanyo Semicon Device
SCH1416The function is N-Channel Silicon MOSFET General-Purpose Switching Device Applications. Sanyo Semicon DeviceSanyo Semicon Device

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