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2 N0416SC080
Phase Control Thyristor Stud

Phase Control Thyristor Stud Types N0416S#020 to N0416S#080 The data sheet on the subsequent pages of this document is a scanned copy of existing data for this product. (Rating Report 93NR1 Issue 1) This data reflects the old part number for this product which is: N275PH02-08. This part number must NOT be used for ordering purposes – please use the ordering particulars detail

1 N0416SC080
Phase Control Thyristor

Date:- 23rd Sept 2014 Data Sheet Issue:- 3 Phase Control Thyristor Types N0416SC040 to N0416SC080 Absolute Maximum Ratings VDRM VDSM VRRM VRSM VOLTAGE RATINGS Repetitive peak off-state voltage, (note 1) Non-repetitive peak off-state voltage, (note 1) Repetitive peak reverse voltage, (note 1) Non-repetitive peak reverse voltage, (note 1) MAXIMUM LIMITS 400-800 400-800 400-8


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