What is GNS702?

This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "GNS", performs the same function as "GPS/GLONASS receiver".

GNS702 Datasheet PDF - GNS

Part Number GNS702
Description GPS/GLONASS receiver
Manufacturers GNS 
Logo GNS Logo 

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GPS/GLONASS receiver
Datasheet V1.2
preliminary specification
GNS702 is a small autonomous GPS/GLONASS receiver, based upon the MediaTek MT3333 single
chip, available with a finely tuned, high-sensitivity ceramic chip antenna. The receiver supports GPS
and GLONASS simultaneously.
The navigation performance and accuracy is further improved by using correction data from SBAS
First Fixes after just a few seconds are achieved with the help of A-GPS using EPOTM ( Extended
Prediction Orbit) and the EASYTM “self generated orbit prediction” algorithm. EASYTM (Embedded
Assist System) does not require any resources or assist data from the host.
The excellent low power design makes it easy to implement this receiver in power sensitive, battery
supplied applications. The new AlwaysLocateTM power management feature will improve this
behaviour additionally. It adaptively adjusts power consumption depending on the environment and
motion conditions, in order to achive a balance between fix rate, power consumption and position
Very low power requirements (typ 93mW@ 3.3V, tracking for GPS+GLONASS) and internal voltage
regulator makes it easy to run the receiver with various power supplies and allows direct connection
to LiIon batteries.
GNS702 offers the industry’s highest level of navigation sensitivity up to -165dBm1. It has superior
dynamic performance at high velocity and provides effective protection against interference signals
using MTAICTM ( Multi-tone active interference canceller). Up to 12 independent channel
interference continious wave jammers <-80dBm can be eliminated or reduced.
The embedded logger function LOCUS with a 16-hrs on chip memory makes this GPS module a
complete track logger for many applications. With AlwaysLocateTM data logging can be achieved up
to 32-hrs under standard conditions.
In professional timing applications the outstanding high accuracy PPS (pulse per second) hardware
pin is used for synchronization to GPS second. Typical accuracy is 10ns.
1 Note: Based on chip specifications
© GNS-GmbH 2013
V 1.2, Apr 5th 2013

GNS702 equivalent
GPS/GLONASS receiver
Datasheet V1.2
preliminary specification
3.3 GPS and GLONASS simultaneous operation
GNS702 supports tracking of the GPS and the GLONASS satellite system at one time. This feature
enhances the overall performance significant.
Increased availability of number of satellites
Increased spatial distribution allows better geometrical conditions
Reduced Horizontal (HDOP) and Vertical Dilution of Precision (VDOP) factors
In GPS-only operation, a minimum of 3 SVs is needed to determine a 2D position fix solution. When
using both systems, 5 SVs are needed to determine the four unknowns and one more SV to
calculate the GPS/GLONASS time offset.
Using a combined receiver, users have an access to potentially 48 or more satellites. This high
number of satellites can overcome the typical problems of restricted visibility of the sky, such as in
urban canyons or indoor scenarios.
3.4 Power Management Features
Power management schemes implemented for any GPS system requires an optimally tuned
performance for both accuracy of the position fixes and the average power consumed for best user
experience. GNS702 architecture achieves these both aspects by providing flexibility and design
choices for the system integration, based on wide range of use cases and by leveraging on the
proven silicon methodologies. Also GNS702 provides position, velocity and time measurements
without any host loading. This, coupled with the optional built-in power management options,
reduces the overall system power budget.
Selectable Power management features:
In Standby mode RF frontend and internal MPU are switched to deep sleep state. Power
consumption is reduced.This state can be entered by sending the NMEA command:
Leaving standby mode and resuming to normal operation will be managed by sending any
byte to the module.
© GNS-GmbH 2013
V 1.2, Apr 5th 2013


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